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Where does your business fit in?


Tulip & Oak has the expertise to guide you through the development of your compliant indoor, outdoor or mixed-light cultivation operation - from determining the amount of space needed for your grow, to advising on the optimal layout design suited to the specific needs of your operation. To help clients foster relationships and tap into valuable resources, we also grant unique access to our network of experienced, professional cultivators.



As a former delivery operator, Tulip & Oak has the knowledge to support the establishment of your delivery business. We offer marketing and branding assistance, will connect you with suppliers, and can help you through the process of securing your delivery permit.



Tulip & Oak can assist clients with the forming of their wholesale, self or transport-only distribution business. We have the knowledge to help you create a cash-flow analysis, help with the design of your tax payment and tracking systems, and use our network to help you locate and secure a property.


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Tulip & Oak guides you through everything you need for your dispensary: locating and securing real estate, advising on the dispensary layout, identifying inventory needs, recruiting staff and choosing the right security provider. We will help you create community benefit proposals and develop a strategic lobbying plan that details contacts within city government, top community stakeholders, and how to make lobbying work for you.



For your manufacturing business, Tulip & Oak can assist with everything from designing your facility’s layout and developing product packaging and labeling, to creating SOPs (including the handling of volatile solvents), defining a go-to-market strategy and sourcing a distributor.



Tulip & Oak assists with everything from the process of obtaining an event organizing license to choosing a security partner, while ensuring compliance by helping you navigate through the requirements stipulated by the local jurisdiction.



Tulip & Oak will educate you about the benefits of vertical integration, and how to leverage the microbusiness permit to expand and grow your own businesses. We can help you select and implement the most appropriate organizational structure for your company, draft Labor Peace agreements for businesses with 20+ employees, and develop SOPs for a multi-faceted business model that includes Security, Transportation, Inventory and Quality Control.


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Tulip & Oak will guide you through every step in the completion of your application and development of your business plan, while supporting your efforts towards raising funds for your business. We’ll help you create a pitch deck for investors, advise you on pitching techniques, and help you establish strategic alliances with general partners.